The name is Fábio Santos, a creatively rich, Interior and Product Designer, and has always obtained the most varied praise by their clients. Graduated with distinction from the Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas (ESART) in Portugal, he is characterized by the search for perfection and to be multifaceted in the search of the best possible project . He worked in the north of Italy in the studio architecture office of Michele Gambato Architetto (MARK) and in 2014 went to Amsterdam, to work together with  the creative world renowned studio of Marcel Wanders. There he collaborated on super high-end projects: some exclusive club in Moscow, a 6 Stars Hotel in the Middle East, a Michelin star Restaurant…

Cheerful Individual and easy to establish a connection Client-Designer, Fábio Santos explores the world with the analytical ability to assess his surroundings and to create something strikingly different with his vision and expertise. Awarded for is design, he promise to delivering astonishing and super creative projects.

At the moment he is working as Interior Designer for Starbucks, shaping fantastic stores for all over the world.



O nome é Fábio Santos, Designer de Interiores e de Produto, criativamente rico, que sempre obteve louvor por parte dos mais variados clientes. Graduado com distinção pela Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas (ESART), caracteriza-se pela busca da perfeição e no ser multifacetado na busca do melhor projeto possível. Trabalhou no norte de Itália, no estúdio de arquitetura: Michele Gambato Architetto (MARK) e em 2014 foi para Amesterdão, para trabalhar em conjunto com o famoso designer de renome mundial, Marcel Wanders. Aí colaborou em projetos “super high-end”: um clube exclusivo em Moscovo, um Hotel de 6 estrelas no Médio Oriente, um restaurante para uma conhecida estrela Michelin … etc

Indivíduo alegre e de fácil conexão “Cliente-Designer”, Fábio Santos explora o mundo com a capacidade analítica de conseguir avaliar ao seu redor e criar algo surpreendentemente diferente com sua visão e experiência. Concedido pelo seu design, promete entregar projetos super criativos e em linha com o cliente.

De momento, encontra-se a trabalhar como Designer de Interiores para a Starbucks, idealizando fantásticas lojas para todo o mundo.


◉ 1st Place – Competition for the develop of the Monument in honour of the Firefighter, to be built in one roundabout in Viseu City (Nelas) – Portugal


◉ Selected to exhibit at the 1st Biennial of Arts of Vila Nova de Gaia  (Organized by the City Council of Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal)

◉ 2nd Place – Design Contest for the fair of Lisbon Design Show 2015, with the project of the Lamp “Ring Ring”.

◉ The President of Portugal (Mr. Cavaco Silva) visits the factory that produces the awarded sideboard (Lusíadas) designed by Fábio Santos and gave a good review about it.

◉ Participation in the contest for the creation of the graphic design of the typical “Sardines” for the Festas de Lisboa (Organized by EGEAC and the Festas de Lisboa)


3rd Place – in the Design Contest “Home Sweet Home by Siemens”

Sideboard “Lusíadas”, selected for the fair Lisbon Design Show 2014 (Design Registered nº 3883)


Design Project selected for the Venice Design Week 2013 (“Friendly Things” contest in Italy). Project was a ceramic coffee/tea cup that avoids spilling the drink thanks to his clever design – Design Registered in INPI nº 3415)

◉ Participation in the design competition of a lamp (organized by the Indelague company)


◉ Participation in the design competition to create a bioethanol fireplace (Organized by GlammFire company)


◉ Participation in the graphic design contest to do the ID card to the football player and coach 2011/2012 (Organized by the Leiria Football Association – Portugal)


◉ Participation in the VII Augusto Cabrita Photo Contest


2nd place – Competition for the develop of the Monument in honour of the Musician, to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Philharmonic of Taveiro – Portugal

◉ Honorable Mention on Photography Contest about the village of Taveiro (Portugal), with the photo: “Bem vindo à Vila”

◉ Participation in the VI Augusto Cabrita Photo Contest


◉ President of the Students Association of the School ETAP – Pombal, Portugal

◉ 1st Prize- Contest of Photography (free theme) by ETAP School – Pombal, Portugal


◉ 1st Prize- Contest of free hand drawing related to the disabled people. Organized by the Town Hall of Marinha Grande, Portugal