Wristwatch Vacheron Constantin

Model made as a proposal for the famous luxurious Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin.

The design of this watch is quite minimal, with no big accessories, diamonds or chunky bits of gold in the bracelet, and it would fit perfect with a Wallstreet Broker Suit. The detail of the “perlage” technical name for the effect of polished shiny semi-circles with the contrast of the dark area represents 2 distinct concepts. The day/night, or if you are a follower of the most esoteric feelings, the yin & yang.

After the perlage effect, the biggest eyecatcher on this piece is the balance wheel (the gold element) wich breaks that feeling of the plain area, to show the movement inside. This automatic watch, doesn’t require a battery, once it gets energy by the movement of the wrist during the day.